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Frequently Asked Questions!

Q. Is This Compatible With PC Or Mac?

A. Yes. This is a web-based program that you can access and use on any device that is connected to the internet.

Q. Are There Any Monthly Or Ongoing Fees?

A. No. With this exclusive Certified Franchise License, you will only pay a low one time fee, but you have to act now or risk losing out.

Q. Do You Offer A Money-Back Guarantee?

A. Yes, you are always fully protected by our iron-clad 100% 30-day money-back guarantee. 

Q. Who Handles Customer Questions And Support?

A. We do! Our knowledgeable staff will attend to all customer needs so all you have to do is send traffic and get paid!

Q. What Is The Price I Can Sell This For?

A. You will always be selling for the same price we do which means that we can never sell at a lower price to outcompete you.

Q. Do I Get Paid 100% Of The Entire Funnel?

A. Yes, this is a full Certified Franchise License which entitles you to profit from top to bottom through the whole funnel.

Q. I'm sold, how do I get started?

A. Click the button below right now  to reserve your Franchise License.


There’s nothing for you to do or create because we’re handing you all of our 

  • Best sales pages, 
  • Videos, and 
  • Marketing tools 

which we’ve tested and perfected.

This stuff cost us tens of thousands of dollars to design and build & you get to use it as your very own to generate huge lightning fast profits.

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We Provide A Complete Sales Funnel


With This Offer, You Get A Franchise License

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Do not miss out on this offer, it will not last long because we do not have control over how long we can keep it available after we give it to you. 

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Earn $683.93 per visitor

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Sell the entire DownloadDollars package and keep all the money for yourself!

Plus, you don’t even need to worry about customer care or 

support because our friendly and knowledgeable staff will handle all that for you.

It’s SO simple.  Just add traffic, sit back, relax, and collect fat stacks of cash!

We Provide The Intelligent Software


We Provide The Intuitive Members Area


We Provide Top-Notch Custommer Support


We Provide Professional Video Sales Letters


Upgrade To Grab 100% Commissions!

(I Want To Make Full Commissions Today)

4 out of 25 spots left

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Shawn Josiah

Upgrade To Grab 100% Commissions!

(I Want To Make Full Commissions Today)

4 out of 25 spots left

Updated 3 minutes ago

Upgrade To Grab 100% Commissions!

(I Want To Make Full Commissions Today)

4 out of 25 spots left

Updated 3 minutes ago

Upgrade To Grab 100% Commissions!

(I Want To Make Full Commissions Today)

4 out of 25 spots left

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